3 things you need to know before becoming a real estate broker…

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So you live in Montreal and you see all these hot brokers making a killing year after year and you think you can do it too. You see their pictures of success on Instagram and Facebook and you crave it. You actually can do it too! Anyone can. With the right mindset of course. But there are a few things you need to know to get started, in case no one told you…

1. No matter what the agency promises you like the endless trainings, the support, the Follow Your Passionhype… you are your own company, your own brand, your own president. You are responsible for the hustle, the mindset, the cold-calls, the networking, setting the goals and obtaining the results. We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch and no one will deliver you clients on a silver platter. There is hope though. Become chummy and friendly with the busy brokers who need help. They will use you and abuse you but the on-the-job training you will get will be priceless. Spot the busy brokers, offer to help them and you will learn fast. BUT – don’t be greedy. As easily as it will be for them to hire you, will it be easy for them to fire you and replace you with the next eager beaver. If you are lucky enough to help a busy broker, take it as a valuable learning experience and build your knowledge for when you are ready to go mainstream.

2. Watch your back. Some brokers will hate me for this. The truth of the matter is many brokers Go get itare crazy greedy or just plain crazy.  They will stop at nothing to get the client, prevent you from getting the client and block you from a sale. They only see as far as the weekend and forget about the big picture.  They don’t realize that there is enough business for everyone in this industry. Don’t be that broker. You will learn to spot the rare, cool, genuine ones eventually.  That’s the one you want to be. The smart and wise and focused one. The one with integrity. These are the brokers who succeed and most of all, last.  View the real estate business as a game of chess and always anticipate the opponent’s move. Check mate.

IMG_02283. You will work almost every day. Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving. That’s not a bad thing though. Once you realize how much you love this field and you get busy, you will be working all the time. You will always be in your car. It will become your second office. But it won’t be work! It will be a hobby that you make money from. This business is an adrenaline inducing experience that you will always want more of. So if you are always busy, enjoy it to its fullest. You want to be busy. And once you become too busy, refer to #1 above and hire the Junior broker who wants to learn and needs guidance. You’ve made it. Congrats.

Be prepared for a wild ride of excitement, anticipation, hurt, betrayal, adrenaline and more. Make the most of it and see the bigger picture of creating a long term vision for your business. Much success to you.

Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker since 2005 (!). 514-219-5897 – moniqueassouline@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “3 things you need to know before becoming a real estate broker…

  1. Very true. The points you have mentioned are definitely the must knows. I just wish this mentality was adopted by all brokers out there.

  2. It’s the inside pettiness that drove my husband out of the business. While there are good brokers out there, you need to be careful. We ended up listing our home by ourseleves on the free service Prelist.org and closed the deal by ourselves. It was a tremendous learning experience, and I’d recommend it, even just as an experiment before moving to MLS.

    1. Thanks for your input Penny. If you have some experience I guess it’s ok to sell on your own. Some people have made huge mistakes by trying to sell on their own. Glad it worked out for you!

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