5 Easy Tips for Showing your Montreal Home this Winter

5 Easy Tips for Showing your Montreal Home this Winter

Winter months are leading into the busy Montreal real estate market – Spring.

The market is still active in colder months and if you are selling your home, here are a few simple tips to make your property shine for Montreal winter home buyers.

Clear the Way

First impressions are everything, and snow and ice are dangerous hazards. Shovel sidewalks, your driveway and front steps. Ensure that pathways to your home are well lit and throw some salt to prevent spills and falls.

Schedule Visits in the Day

Homes will always look best in natural daylight. With shorter days in the winter, daylight hours offer less time to show your home in natural light. If you can’t schedule showings during the day, brighten your home with interior lighting. Turn on ceiling lights and table lamps.  Beware: bright winter sunlight can draw attention to dirty windows – so keep them clean.

Think ‘cozy’

Turn up the thermostat during showings so visitors will feel the warmth of your home. Create an inviting atmosphere by turning on fireplaces and wood stoves. Accent your home with soft throws, picture frames and pillows. Play soft music such as jazz.

Spice up Your Home

Avoid spraying your home with chemical scents, such as artificial room fresheners. Open windows to air out your home. Positive scents and aromas include freshly baked bread, cookies, cinnamon, apple pie and  vanilla.


Before placing your home on the market, ensure you de-clutter
it and clean it up.  Make your home appealing to prospects by getting
rid of piles in the corners of your rooms and stacks of papers on desks, floors
and counters.

Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker @Londono Realty Group.    She can be reached at 514-219-5897 or monique@londonogroup.com


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