Attention First Time Buyers of Real Estate in Montreal

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What do you need to buy a property in Montreal?

So many factors go into purchasing a house or condo…

**Don’t stay in the dark


**Avoid costly surprises

There are many types of First Time Buyers of Real Estate and you may fall into any or none of the following categories…


New couple   moderno soggiorno con porta finestra aperta sul giardino

Just Married

Just Engaged

Single Woman

Single Man

Just divorced


You may also be renting and would like to invest some of your money into purchasing a Property that will Generate Revenue for you or to Build Equity for the long term.

Whatever your situation might be, if you are in the market to purchase a property, you need to familiarize yourself with the best strategies and you need to know what you need and what is needed from you in order to close a deal. Do you know what it takes to buy a property? From the mortgage approval, to the inspection, the deadlines, the rules, the regulations, the negotiations, review of the Certificate of Location, review of the Declaration of co-ownership, the questions to ask… just to name a few?

Purchasing a property is not just about making an offer. There are closing costs associated with the purchase as well. Closing costs such as adjustments for taxes and condo fees, notary fees, etc. These closing costs are paid at the time of signing the deed of sale. You will also need to save for the Welcome tax and moving costs.

Don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have already started and need some guidance? Or you want to learn some tricks of the trade? Or you simply have questions… You can start by reading this article on Real Estate 101:

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Next blog post will be about the Offer… Stay tuned.

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