Closing Costs are Not Just for Buyers – Sellers Beware!

Real Estate Closing Costs Are Not Just For Buyers…

Traditional closing costs for Real Estate Buyers in Quebec include:

Notary fees, Welcome tax, Municipal and School Tax adjustments, Condo fee adjustments, Moving costs, etc.

Your new home is one dream away.

Real Estate Sellers have fees as well! If you are selling your home or even just thinking about it, before accepting an offer, and before determining the selling price,  the following costs should be factored into the price you are negotiating:

1. One of the costs, if selling with a real estate broker, is the commission plus taxes (In Quebec, GST plus QST)                                                                                                                                                        

2. Notary fees to cover the costs of paying off the existing loans or mortgages on your property.  You should verify those costs in advance. Each loan is attributed a cost and can run from $300-$700 per loan to be paid back. Verify with the notary the costs she or he will charge you so that there will be no surprises. Each notary does not charge the same amount.

3. Bank fees related to closing your mortgage or loan. In addition to the notary charges to close the mortgages or loans, the bank may charge you as well.  If you are locked into a mortgage and sell your property without purchasing a new one, you may incur penalties and fees. You should check with your financial institution to determine what those costs will be.  Always try to negotiate a reduction in those fees.     

4. Ordering a New Certificate of Location. You would only have to order a new Certificate of Location if you don’t have one, if the one you have is older than 10 years and if you have made modifications to your property.  The notary will be able to assess the validity of your certificate of location. This fee can run from $600 to $1000 depending on the property and land surveyor company used.


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3 thoughts on “Closing Costs are Not Just for Buyers – Sellers Beware!

  1. Hi, I am selling my condo, and the notary is wanting to charge me some costs that I don’t think I should be paying.

    Verifications of municipal taxes, verification of school taxes (francophone and anglophone), control of trust funds are mandatory for all transactions (250,00$ plus taxes) **;

    – Radiation of the mortgage in favour of Caisse populaire desjardins 515,00$ + taxes + publication fees***

    – Confirmation of the municipal and school taxes and control of trust funds 250,00$ plus taxes

    I understand about the mortgage discharge fee, but this confirming taxes? This is usually billed to the buyer, no? I have never had to pay this before.

    Can you let me know your thoughts? thanks, Natalie

    1. Hi Nathalie, unfortunately, the notary has the discretion to charge you for his extra work. Usually this is covered in the fees that the buyer pays the notary. Try and negotiate with the notary and you can always contact the Chambre des Notaires for additional info on what they are allowed to charge you.

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