Financial Real Estate Surprises

Real Estate Surprise

Surprise, surprise… None wanted

Surprise, Surprise! If you know me well, you know I do NOT like surprises.
If you’re a real estate buyer, in the market to purchase a property, I bet you won’t like any financial surprises that may come your way either.
Do you know what extra costs you will have to pay? Do you know what title insurance is and if you will need it? Do you know what adjustments are? Do you REALLY know which questions to ask?
Make sure you use the right real estate broker who will know which questions to ask!
Examples of costs associated with purchasing a property in Montreal and surrounding areas…
1. Inspection costs
2. Notary fees
3. Title insurance (if you need it)
4. Adjustments of municipal & school taxes and condo fees
5. Oil in oil tank (!)
6. Welcome tax (yup, every time you buy you a house or condo, the city will bill you within 30-60 days of moving in, unless it’s an undivided condo)
Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker, selling houses and condos all over the city since 2005. Let her magic work for you. Before listing your house or condo, call her for a free evaluation.

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