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I love Montreal. I love Montreal in the Spring and I love Montreal in the Summer. From the first cold snap in the Fall, my countdown begins to Spring and Summer and when blue skies, sunshine and heat finally show up here, I am in ultimate bliss.

Problem is Montreal in the Spring and Summer turns into an Orange chaotic mess of construction, detours and traffic hell. By Orange, I mean the construction signs and pylons literally scattered every few feet across the island.

Cue in my chaotic day. Here is a peek into the life of a Real Estate broker in Montreal. My day is often chronicled through Instagram Stories.

My day started at 6:40am. Wake up the kids and usher them out of the house by 7:30am. Get ready to go down to Griffintown on Smith Street to show this property for 9:30am: http://moniqueassouline.evcanada.com/en/listing/cms/mls-22513964-1085-rue-smith-1111-le-sud-ouest-montreal-quebec-h3c0l9-rental/

Once that was over, I had to head back to Montreal West to meet a new seller and a photographer to take pictures of a new listing worth $1.349 million. Getting out of Griffintown was nearly impossible. Bumper to bumper and not moving. You see, Griffintown is steps away from Old Montreal and today were the inaugural celebrations for our beloved city, all happening in the Old Port. I turned on Google Maps to see if there was an alternate, quicker route, since I had 30 minutes to get to my destination. Google Maps announced I was 24 minutes away and sure enough, put me on an alternate route. Today, I hated Google Maps and should have listened to all my friends who said to use Waze instead. You see, I ended up on the Champlain Bridge. No clue how. Obviously missed the turn and freaked out when the arrival time went from 24 minutes to 45 minutes. No turning back, I was on the bridge…. and… bumper to bumper. Worse than before.

I called the seller who was adorable and oh so forgiving. THANK YOU.

Finally arrived to this spectacular house (details to follow next week when we get the pictures), the photographer was in full motion and I was happier than happy.  A lovely client, a lovely house, a lovely colleague.

Next stop, Cote-St-Luc or Suburbia as I like to call it. Lovely residential neighborhood with some city councilors sitting in their district for the last 20 years. Elections are coming up this Fall, will new faces run? Will we see changes? Time will tell. Matched an investor who was referred to me with a seller friend who has a couple of cool condos for sale. Match made in real estate heaven? We shall see soon enough. Again lovely people.

Is it me? Or do people seem lovelier when it’s 30 degrees Celsius, the sky is blue and the sun is shining? I’ll take it.

At this point, I couldn’t handle the heat anymore and decided to go home and change. I was also getting ready to meet a French buyer who was in town. He and his wife had just purchased a condo through me in Griffintown and I invited them to come visit the project and sales office. They LOVED it. Of course they did! Why wouldn’t they? A new amazing building going up as we speak with great amenities, heart of Griffintown, steps from Downtown Montreal and steps to Old Montreal. GOLD. I met my colleague Natalia at the sales office and together we re-explained the project and showed them the common areas.

It was now 4:30pm and I was off to my favorite part of the day, meeting my son after school. He’s old enough to take the bus, but picking him up is my one-on-one time. We need it. I love it. But the whole ride home was me on a conference call discussing the upcoming Action party with my committee,  a party I am co-chairing on June 8th. So much for bonding. Maybe he learned a thing or two from the conversation.

Guess what, day not over… another appointment mixed in with buying groceries, calling back clients and rushing home to prepare 3 counter offers for my clients to sign before the deadline. I also need to upload 2 new listings in Old Montreal and reply to countless emails and text messages, book appointments for visits this week and hug my other child who is just waiting for me to put the phone down for 3 seconds so I can squeeze her into my busy schedule.

I feel bad. But I don’t. I hope they see what work is all about. The hustle, the dedication, the consistency, the mindset. There is a husband too. He’s probably wondering when busy season stops. It doesn’t. And then the phone rang. Mom… omg, I haven’t spoken to her in a few days…

Today was a great day.

Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker selling all over the city since 2005 (!).She can be reached at 514.219.5897 or moniqueassouline@gmail.com

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