Happy Birthday to Me! What’s Your Success Story?

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Birthday week celebrations begin and I am sitting at the BMW dealership waiting for my new car lease. Who cares right? You should! I worked my ass off to get to where I have gotten today. No one helped me, no one handed me a silver spoon. I literally started from the bottom with no contacts, no network, no idea where to begin and no one willing to guide me when I started in real estate. And this is my success story. It’s not about the car, but about the success behind having achieved my goals. BMW FullSizeRender 3

What’s yours?

Still working on your success story? Don’t stop. Don’t look at the competition. The only competition is you and bettering yourself every day! No matter what field.

Ignore the noise. Ignore the people who say you can’t do what you want, because the truth is, they are the ones who can’t and they are afraid that you will. And you will! Just believe and you will achieve.

Write down your specific goals and work on them every moment of every day. Need help getting started? Send me an email!


Monique Assouline is a passionate Montreal Real Estate Broker helping buyers and sellers achieve their dreams by selflessly guiding them to the best outcome for them and their needs.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to Me! What’s Your Success Story?

  1. Félicitations Monique!!! Hard work pays off! Je te souhaite bonne continuation. – Hugues

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