How to Sell Your House Like a Boss

Tips on How to sell your house

How To Sell Your House Like A Boss

5 Easy Tips to Get Started to Sell Your House Faster

Sooooo you’ve finally decided to put your house on the market and move to somewhere new. Before literally putting it on the market, please take into account the following tips:

  1. DECLUTTER YOUR HOUSE – It’s not easy to declutter, especially if you’ve been living at the same address for over a decade. However, you must, must , must declutter! Leave nothing in the corners of the rooms, remove piles of paper, tidy up closets, get rid of all the junk. Plan to do this before you list your house. Put stuff in boxes, put those boxes in your garage, in storage or at someone else’s house until your house is sold.
  2. LIGHT UP THE HOUSE – It’s always better to have a lot of natural sunlight in your house or condo when showing it to prospects, however, with shorter days in the Winter, natural light won’t always be available. The best way to counter darkness if your house is not well lit,  is to buy more lamps. Sounds so straightforward, but so many sellers don’t do it. So buy more lamps and use strong light bulbs. No point in adding lamps if you use dim bulbs. The stronger the better.
  3. CURB APPEAL – What is curb appeal? When people drive up to your house, is it appealing from the outside? During the Summer months, manicure the lawn and get rid of spider webs around the outside windows and doors frame. During the Winter months, clear the paths of snow and ice, make it look festive and turn on all indoor and outdoor lights right before any visits.
  4. PRICE IT RIGHT – Remember that you are selling a house or condo based on market value and not a priceless home based on memories. Sometimes, certain neighborhoods that have international buyers, can skim the market by listing at a higher price. If you are in a residential neighborhood in the suburbs, look at the comps before pricing it.
  5. GET RID OF PET SMELLS – If you have pets, please ensure to air out your house and freshen it up before any visit. No one likes the smell of cat litter or wet dog smell. People will walk out of your house and not even look at it. Sorry. Any bad odor is negative for a visit, even using air fresheners is not recommended. They are so strong that people can’t focus on the visit and focus on breathing.

Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker helping buyers and sellers since 2005. She can be reached at

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