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Montreal Real Estate Brokers

What do we do?

There seems to be a whole culture surrounding us and our profession these days. Especially those of us who are ultra active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The new generation of Montreal real estate brokers (and I speak of Montreal because that is what I know) has taken over social media platforms by storm. Other professionals are now tagging #MontrealRealEstate to get in on the action. And it’s working.

So, who are we?

We are big time hustlers, we are closers, we are influencers. We eat, sleep and breathe real estate. Every. Single. Day. We work from dawn to dusk and beyond. We are always on. Our love life suffers, our family lives suffer too. But we make up for it. And, we probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

We love the thrill of the deal. We love the adrenaline and the rush of selling and matching clients with properties. We love to negotiate and it becomes second nature for us. The true real estate broker no longer sells. She influences. She influences you to buy that condo, to sell that house. She influences the buyer to sign the offer and to accept a deal. She also influences you to walk away from a purchase that would prove to be a bad one.

We just want everything to go smoothly

And by “we”, I mean the cool brokers. We know who we are. We love to collaborate together. We make the deal happen!!

The real estate broker is also your psychologist, your business partner, your lunch date, your advisor and quite often becomes your friend; but please don’t use and abuse. We will do whatever it takes to get the job done and done well. We thrive on positivity and good vibes even when the stress level is beyond compare.

We wouldn’t be who we are without the big downs and failures

We go through emotional roller coasters daily with accepted offers, cancelled sales, disastrous inspections, notary signings, celebrations and cleaning up messes and fixing issues. High, low, high low. Although the lows teach us and shape us, we would love it if the highs extremely outnumbered the lows.

In a nutshell…

Just remember one thing. The Montreal Real Estate Broker is your ultimate partner to get your house sold or to help with your new condo purchase and you may just end up with a new, cool friend. We live for it.

Are you ready to be a part of the Montreal Real Estate game? Buy, sell, hold. Let’s work together and GET IT DONE. Cheers.


Monique Assouline is a passionate Montreal Real Estate Broker. She has won sales achievement awards consistently for the last 5 years. You can find her all over social media. She can be reached by phone or email at 514-219-5897 or The BEST way to reach her is by text at 514.219.5897

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