Old Montreal Real Estate…. Broker

Old Montreal Real Estate… I’m just getting started with you!

Sooo I don’t always take a #selfie but when I do it’s because I just Always in my carsold 2 more condos in #OldMontreal. All conditions fulfilled today and these 2 were super amazing. One was my listing and the other was not on the market. Had to knock on a few doors and convince someone to sell so that the buyer could get 2 condos side by side to make an #epic condo with over 2400 SF. Let me tell you, for the right price, people can be quite accommodating. Or maybe it’s just that I’m that good ?
Feels so good to get things done well and have everyone happy in the process.
Old MontrealA big thank-you are in order to the buyers, sellers and amazing collaborating broker. This one is for the books.
Hey Old Montreal, are you ready for more? I’m just getting started with you. My new playground. 




Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker helping Buyers and Sellers since 2005.  Need help or have a question? She can be reached by email at moniqueassouline@gmail.com or by phone or text at 514-219-5897

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