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Old Montreal is truly a world class city.

From restaurants, to art galleries, historical buildings, waterfront condos, little parcs, place Jacques Cartier, gorgeous hotels and rooftop terraces, Old Montreal is a massive attraction for both Montrealers and international travelers.

This year has seen an influx of international buyers of real estate, some often scooping up a few at a time thanks to an incredible exchange rate in their favor.

Here is a recent vlog of the city showing an incredible 4 level house in Old Montreal, the new Maggie Oakes Grill at the William Gray hotel as well as an art gallery featuring Montrealer Dina Podolsky’s art work and of course, walking through the city. This is just a snippet of my trek across Old Montreal. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more episodes featuring other locations in this fabulous city…

Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate broker working at Engel & Volkers, an international luxury real estate brand. They are recognized worldwide and offer the same consistent service across the world.

Whether buying or selling your Montreal property, Monique, along with the support of her Engel & Volkers network, ensure a smooth and professional experience. With over 10 years in the industry, helping both local and international buyers and sellers, Monique Assouline will ensure your property gets the worldwide marketing attention it deserves.

Contact her today by phone or email to discuss your real estate needs.

Monique Assouline, Real Estate Broker, 514-219-5897, monique.assouline@evcanada.com

4 thoughts on “Old Montreal Real

  1. It makes me so excited to see beautiful properties like that surviving and thriving! Truly beautiful pockets are becoming increasingly rare. I managed to find my Gem of a home on Prelit.org, after much searching and talking directly to the homeowners over the site. I wanted my new home to have a particular feeling, one that is generated through both aesthetic and location. I’d highly recommend others check it out.

  2. Here is the latest vogue of the city, recently hosted by Villa Gray, a luxury 4-level home with a new Maggie Oaks Grill and Montreal Dina Podolsky’s artwork and, of course, walking through the city.Its give us good breath and environment.

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