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With the busy fall housing market upon us,  many home owners are considering making home improvements in advance of listing,  to help entice potential buyers.  However, instead of relying on the usual tricks, many are taking a new
approach by trying home staging.

“Staging” is a term that has been used in  the design industry for some time, and has recently surfaced in the real-estate  market.  Essentially, it means setting
the stage for boosting the response to your home from interested buyers, by
making changes up-front.

For some, this may feel unnatural.  We assume that our “home” is being assessed,  rather than the “house” in which we have made our home.  However, potential buyers are primarily interested  in purchasing the place they can best picture themselves in.  Staging helps them do just that.

Managing our stuff is a problem for both the buyer and seller.  Extras can be seen as clutter, giving the false impression that there is not sufficient storage or
living space.  Buyers desire a home that can handle their own collectables.

Creating the illusion of space and neutralizing your house are two important aspects of house staging.  Eliminating clutter is an easy way to accomplish both.  For example, 90 per cent of us show homes displaying small appliances such as microwaves, toasters and radios on our kitchen counters.  We should be cautious against this, even if your appliances are high-end.  “By clearing counters of removable items, potential homebuyers can envision the space exactly how    they like.”

Another effective technique is removing, rearranging and resizing furniture.
Think of it this way: You may love that extra armchair, but if the door
behind it won’t open, you’re blocking a selling feature.  Extra furniture can easily inhibit light and hide lovely architectural details.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this article.  However, the information provided is general in nature and those with specific questions
should seek professional advice that meets their particular requirements. 


Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker with Londono Group.  She can be reached at 514-219-5897 or

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