Snapchat and Real Estate

Is Snapchat a revolution for the Real Estate Industry?

Snapchat came to be a few years ago with a teen target audience who wanted to send “snaps” (pictures and texts) and have them disappear within seconds. This was their way of sending private messages and private pictures with the hope that the receiver would see it for the allotted time (1-10 seconds) and then it would vanish.

Social Media Marketers discovered it and those who are social media marketing addicts like me, opened an account. WHY? Read on.

One of the options on Snapchat is to create a story that all your followers can see. Each Snap is uploaded to your story and then disappears in 24 hours. It could be a picture or video and the length is a maximum of 10 seconds per post. You can also save those snaps onto your phone and later share them on other social media sites.


Snapchat and Real Estate

Why is this relevant for the Real Estate Industry? Facebook and Instagram are the leaders to get your pictures and videos out. But, can you really show what is happening behind the scenes? Snapchat allows you to show the real behind-the-scenes aspect of your day: your mood, your listings, your secrets, your personality, your ability, your strengths and your weaknesses. It allows you to show the real you in order to connect to your audience in a whole new way.

I recently snapped my way from Hollywood Beach, Florida to South Beach to a private destination (stunning waterfront mansion) where we were shooting a real estate vacation special for Tower Trip Magazine. People who are following me on Snapchat got the exclusive behind the scenes of this epic day.

Miami Waterfront Mansion:

Snapchat example of when I spoke to Lasalle College Real Estate Students:


Of course there are some drawbacks to the application. Followers cannot do searches on the app like they can on Instagram and other sites. Sometimes you have creepers sending you messages (cue the BLOCK button).  But the connection that you create and hopefully develop with a whole new audience is priceless!

Follow me on Snapchat for some cool behind the scenes of life as a Montreal Real Estate Broker. The good, the bad and the secrets. Ssshhhh!

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  1. I had no idea how much behind the scenes there actually was in real estate until a few months ago when my sister listed her home on with the intent to sell it herself. She got great responses but man, there’s a lot of paperwork! I’ll tell her to snapchat it all next time!

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