Soooo You Don’t Like Your Real Estate Broker?

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Here’s What to Do…


I have been getting many calls lately from Real Estate Sellers asking me to help them sell their house or condo. Problem is, they are already in a contract with another Real Estate Broker.  My hands are tied.

Dear Real Estate Sellers,

Unless you cancel your contract with your broker, let the contract expire or add me to your listing with your current broker, I cannot fully help you, unfortunately. I can’t advertise your property, I can’t use my unique marketing system, I cannot give it my all.  Rules are rules. But I would love to help you! I would love to showcase your property the way it deserves to be showcased.  So now, you know what to do if you want my help.

Hiring the right broker is so important and it’s not necessarily the one whose sign you see on every street corner.  You have to ask all the right questions. Not sure which questions to ask? Let’s meet and I’ll tell you!

Best regards,

The Broker who WILL sell your property.


Monique Assouline is a passionate real estate broker in Montreal who loves the thrill of the deal and is always one step ahead. She can be reached at 514.219.5897

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