Real Estate – It’s all about the sugar

I saw a post from a fellow Montreal Real Estate Agent yesterday on Twitter.  He lost a listing to another broker who had quoted the price of a house $150,000 more than what he quoted.  Ouch! Big difference.  His lower price...Read More

Set the Stage for Selling

[caption id="attachment_91" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Cosy Bedroom"][/caption] With the busy fall housing market upon us,  many home owners are considering making home improvements in advance of listing,  to help entice potential buyers.  However, instead of relying on the usual tricks, many are taking...Read More

Real Estate 101 – First Time Home Buyers

If you live in or around Montreal, the last several years have been crazy in Real Estate.  The mortgage rates have been very low and it seems that anyone and everyone has been buying real estate.  From condos to houses, it...Read More