Closing Costs are Not Just for Buyers – Sellers Beware!

Real Estate Closing Costs Are Not Just For Buyers... [popup id="Home Value" title="What is the current value of my home?" theme_id="2248" size="small" width_unit="px" height_unit="px" location="center top" position_right="0" position_left="0" position_bottom="0" position_top="100" animation_type="fade" animation_speed="350" animation_origin="center top"][/popup] Traditional closing costs for Real Estate...Read More

5 Easy Tips for Showing your Montreal Home this Winter

5 Easy Tips for Showing your Montreal Home this Winter Winter months are leading into the busy Montreal real estate market - Spring. The market is still active in colder months and if you are selling your home, here are...Read More

Condo à vendre – Michael Cammalleri #13 – Ancien joueur des Canadiens

Vous recherchez à investir dans l'immobilier à Montréal? Vous recherchez un condo qui a de l'allure, cool et prestigieux? Le condo de l'ancien joueur #13 du CH est à vendre au Vieux Port, avec une étiquette de 899,000$.  Michael Cammalleri a...Read More

Mike Cammalleri – Former HABS player #13 – Condo for sale

Looking to invest in Montreal Real Estate with a little swag? Former Montreal Canadiens Hockey player Michael Cammalleri's condo is for sale in Old Montreal with a price tag of $899,000. Michael Cammalleri recently made the news with a mid-game...Read More

Pourquoi ma maison ne se vend pas?

Trois petites questions à vous poser si ça fait trop longtemps que votre maison est à vendre. "Ça fait presque 6 mois que ma maison est à vendre et je ne l'ai pas encore vendue. Qu'est-ce qui se passe?" Phrase...Read More

Why is My House Not Selling?

Three little questions to ask yourself if your house has been on the market for too long. "It has been almost 6 months that my house is for sale and it has not sold yet. What's going on?" This is...Read More

Real Estate – It’s all about the sugar

I saw a post from a fellow Montreal Real Estate Agent yesterday on Twitter.  He lost a listing to another broker who had quoted the price of a house $150,000 more than what he quoted.  Ouch! Big difference.  His lower price...Read More

Set the Stage for Selling

[caption id="attachment_91" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Cosy Bedroom"][/caption] With the busy fall housing market upon us,  many home owners are considering making home improvements in advance of listing,  to help entice potential buyers.  However, instead of relying on the usual tricks, many are taking...Read More

Open Houses – Getting your house ready

You've finally taken the plunge and placed your home on the market.  Your real estate broker has advised you of an upcoming open house on your property.  What should you do to get it ready? 1. Get rid of the...Read More