I AM a Montreal Real Estate Broker… What Does That Mean?

I AM a Montreal Real Estate Broker. I work 7 days a week and often more than 12 hours a day. I drive from city to city; driving clients, meeting clients, coordinating visits, showing homes, filling out paper work, uploading listings,...Read More

Closing Costs are Not Just for Buyers – Sellers Beware!

Real Estate Closing Costs Are Not Just For Buyers... [popup id="Home Value" title="What is the current value of my home?" theme_id="2248" size="small" width_unit="px" height_unit="px" location="center top" position_right="0" position_left="0" position_bottom="0" position_top="100" animation_type="fade" animation_speed="350" animation_origin="center top"]http://selling514.com/home-value-analysis/[/popup] Traditional closing costs for Real Estate...Read More