Wallcandy… An Explosion of Color in Old Montreal

Wallcandy Old Montreal

Wallcandy, located in Old Montreal, directly on McGill street is the newest must see destination for all your wall art pleasure.

The Old Montreal love affair continues with our discovery of new hot spot Wallcandy.

From the moment Wallcandy Montrealyou enter the gallery, you are engulfed in an explosion of color that transports you to an awakened dreamland. The name alone inspires you to find out more. I recently visited the McGill street location in Old Montreal, with fellow broker, Melanie O.

We are on a mission to keep Old Montreal on the map with locals and tourists alike and immediately fell in love with this place.

We recently caught up with Stevie, the owner, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions for us…

Your store is an explosion of colour and feel good vibes. Is the design of the store all your doing?

Yes it’s our design for the most part … I love colours and so do most people. Summer and its essence inspires me & I think we should all carry a little bit of summer all year round

(We hear you… #Summer)

How do you choose which pieces to showcase? Do you go find the pieces or do they find you? Tell us a bit about Wallcandy and what it’s all about.

You know, Art is very personal. There’s no right or wrong answer to it… What resonates with me is colour, texture, composition, detail, etc.

I’m not huge on abstract but love photography, pop art, street art & mix media. I’ve always been a very visual person, often drawn to colours & contrasts.

I spend a lot of time looking for things that draw me in which leads me to focusing on one specific element & what stands out the most makes me fall in Love with it… it’s the little things right? (Right)

Wallcandy Montreal


Wallcandy is a pretty cool name. Did the name just come to you? What was the birthing process for the name?  Or is that top secret…

I have to say it was a hard pregnancy … took time to find… Finding a good name is important for me. Imagine giving your child a poor name then being stuck with it his whole life, the hardship he would have to go through the possible bullying ..poor thing. Your name is your essence, it resonates with others. People remember a good name and even set you up for better and easier branding and more potent marketing.

What made you choose McGill street in Old Montreal to open up shop? 

Love Old Montreal. Been around here for a while and love tourists and they love Old Mtl.

What’s your favorite thing about Old Montreal?

Love the Architecture & the efforts & style the Europeans put back in the day into building & development. Love the tourists, my neighbors, the unique shops, cafés & brands.

Wallcandy Montreal

The guy behind the brand. Give us one word or one sentence that best describes your mission either as a person, a business owner, or a combination of both.

I’m here to make art accessible, beautiful and affordable to people worldwide.
What would you like people know about Wallcandy?

We were consumed in Miami, born in Montreal & will soon flourish in cyber-space… Stay tuned  ; ))

Anything else you’d like to add?

Our Speciality is Limited Edition Art on Acrylic from photography, Pop Art to Street art & Mix Media. We work with artists worldwide & carry a wonderful selection of images. We produce in all sizes and our price points are great.

You’ll also be able to place orders on-line at www.buywallcandy.com




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So that was fun… Look for more cool Montreal businesses to show up on this page soon.

Monique is a passionate Montreal Real Estate broker who can’t wait for Summer to show up again. She has been selling real estate all over the city with a strong focus on Old Montreal. Discovering the shops that make up the neighborhood she loves is all part of the process. She can be reached by email at monique.assouline@evcanada.com or by text at 514.219.5897

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