Why You Need a Broker to Help You Buy a Property!!


WHY you need to be represented by a Buyer’s Real Estate Broker….

I am sitting in a Starbucks, working, in between meetings, and I have to stop everything to write this post. For your protection. Buyers beware!

So many buyers today believe that buying a house and going directly to the listing broker to make the offer and subsequent purchase is the ideal solution that will save them money.

Time and time again this has been DIS-PROVEN! Too many risks are associated with this way of thinking. Are you willing to take a $100,000-infinity risk?Real_estate_family

My latest example…

I have buyers who are coming in from overseas to purchase in Montreal. They came in for a quick weekend to visit a few properties and fell in love with one. Perfect price, perfect renovations, perfect location.

I quickly noted the slanted kitchen floor. Not a normal slant, a severe slant. The buyer  acknowledged the slant and we also noticed it in the bedroom.

I quickly spoke to the listing broker who said that she hadn’t noticed the slanted floors and made sure to let me know that the owners fully renovated the house and probably fixed what needed to be fixed when they bought it… “probably”?? That’s not good enough.  She also continued to say that no house has perfectly straight floors. I fully agree with that comment. No floors are fully straight.


I need to protect my clients, so I did some digging and discovered that the house was sold to the current owners at an insanely low price last year due to structural issues.

I sent a message to the listing broker informing her of the structural issues with the house last year and asked her to find out if the structure was corrected or not and if yes, are there receipts and warranties? (no answer from her yet)

It took me 10 seconds to find out about the structural issues that the listing broker had no clue about or at least didn’t divulge. Would she also have been so clueless if the buyers had gone directly to her? If the structure has not been corrected, this can cost $75,000+ for the new buyers.

I have so many other examples of buyers who have regretted going directly to the listing broker to buy their house. Don’t become a statistic. Don’t make this costly mistake. Protect your assets, protect your family.  There is no additional cost to you, only added value.


Monique Assouline is a Montreal Real Estate Broker and Advisor. She is affiliated with Engel & Völkers Montreal, a high-end, international real estate agency. She can be reached at 514-219-5897 or moniqueassouline@gmail.com

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