The Wonder Woman Syndrome

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Last Summer, I found myself waiting 45 minutes for a client who didn’t show up while my daughter was at home waiting for me to take her shopping for new bedroom furniture (i.e. spend time with her mom). The dilemma was how long do I wait for this classless client who had the audacity to believe that I should wait for him indefinitely? Do I wait? Do I keep my daughter waiting? What about dinner later? The fridge is empty… When will I have time to re-stock it? My cell phone is dying and my charger doesn’t work. Need to get a new charger. And all those e-mails I haven’t replied to? When will I have the time to answer all of them to remain the trustworthy real estate broker I thought I had become? My marketing campaign, the phone messages to return, the texts to reply to, my this my that… NO TIME and I am here waiting for this guy to visit a condo. We confirmed the appointment this morning. He’s not here and I’m waiting. Playing this never ending waiting game.

While I waited 45 minutes for the client, all those thoughts went running through my head. The list of 10 million things I needed to do. While I waited it, the list got longer.  Should I keep waiting? How long should I wait? He keeps texting me that he’s on his way… Should I stand my daughter up again? Not enough time in the day to get everything done, and here I was wasting 45 minutes of precious, oh so precious time.

I decided to leave. I texted the guy. “I have been waiting for you for 45 minutes. Sorry, but I have to go”. His answer was: “too bad”. A$$hole. Seriously. Our appointment had been scheduled 2 days prior for one hour earlier but he had decided at the last minute to delay it and also show up an hour late. So in reality, I wasted 2.5 hours. For a business person, that’s huge! I literally have no time to waste.

I am a mom, a wife, a business woman, a friend, a daughter, a sister. I am expected to be successful, to be the model mom, to cater to family when they need me, to be the chef, the grocery shopper, the tear-wiper, the chauffeur, the therapist, the sex kitten, the professional, the conservative, the politically correct, stay in shape, show up, be present, do anything and everything, be Wonder Woman, a superhero of some sorts. Shall I continue? Expectations. Where do they come from? How did I get here…

And so, I drove home, emailed a few contracts and took my son and daughter to grab a lunch at their favorite restaurant. This was our version of smelling the roses. I needed it and they needed it. Spending time together in the car, in traffic, taking one hour instead of 30 minutes to get to our destination because of crazy Montreal traffic. We laughed, we argued and we laughed some more. The food was great and we were full, no room left for dessert.

After the furniture shopping, where we couldn’t find anything decent, we headed back home during rush hour. This time, it took 1.5 hours (no joke) to get home, which is half an hour away. Another couple of hours wasted. But they weren’t wasted. Because I spent them with my kids, who I never see, because of this crazy business I am in. Yes, I have kids. Teens actually. Time flies.

People who don’t know often tell me: “wow, you have the best job, you don’t have to do any work and you make these huge commissions. You’re so lucky”. Wait, what? Montreal Real Estate is a 7 day a week hustle. It’s a business like any other, except it’s not like any other. We work for free until we sell. We pay to work for our clients. We invest in advertising and marketing and the hustle and pay insane amounts to just have the title whether we sell or not.

As I write this, I realize that I sound mad, almost bitter, lol, but I am not mad and I am definitely not bitter. I am lucky to be able to be following my passion. The passion is not selling real estate. The passion is making people happy. Helping people find their dream home or helping others sell their house to start a new life. The feeling after saying CONGRATULATIONS when we hand them the keys after signing the new deed of sale. That’s the passion. The results.

I know I will be complaining again about waiting for late people. Just follow my Instagram stories and you will see how often it happens; but it’s part of the game and what makes it fun. The challenges are real but the results are rewarding.

I’m off to negotiate an insane offer now. Where’s my cape?


Monique Assouline is a Montreal Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker closing deals since 2005.  She can be reached by email: or phone: 514-219-5897. She sold over $10 million in real estate last year.

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