I Want You! Your business, that is…

Couple making plans.


At the risk of sounding cocky and arrogant… read on.

Real Estate Brokers seem to have gotten a bad reputation in Montreal, and I understand why. Some are underhanded, sneaky and are all about “me, me, me”…

Having managed a team of over 200 people across Canada in Marketing research projects and also having worked with elite companies in various industries prior to entering the exciting world of Real Estate, I fully understand that real estate is not necessarily about “real estate”.  Customer relations, Negotiation skills, Playing hardball, Psychologist… These are just some of the attributes of a great Real Estate Broker, along with having your best interest at heart. I know the rules, I know the laws, you are ALWAYS protected and will always get the BEST!

All it takes is one phone call to discover what you are missing.


Monique Assouline has been a passionate Montreal Real Estate Broker for almost 10 years. She can be reached by phone at 514.219.5897 or by email at moniqueassouline@gmail.com

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